Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Morphing Modernism: Minimalist Kitchen Island Design Idea

Morphing Modernism: Minimalist Kitchen Island Design Idea: [ Filed under Space-Saving or in the Interiors category ]

Modern, minimalist, mobile and more. Part space-saving folding table, part flexible surface and part portable kitchen island, this may be the ultimate all-in-one cooking, preparing and working unit for the contemporary home chef working with limited layout possibilities.

Extending like an ultra-modern, giant-sized accordion, this compact kitchen unit sits on wheels for maximum portability and easy storage when not in use … and then folds open to reveal twice as much surface area, extra slots, shelves and more as needed.

Black, white and silver when it is fully closed, a set of optional colors emerge as the design unfolds – also indicating which storage spaces are temporary (only to be used in the ‘open’ condition) versus the drawers and other spaces that can be slid out of the sides in both convertible modes.

For the contemporary cook, this design idea by Olga Kalugina blends the best of modern minimalism and ultra-modern functionality, simplicity of style with the flexible benefits of an extendable counters and extra storage to suit any occasion.

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