Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Sinks Made Simple: 5 Sink Consoles, Vessels, Basins & Bowls

Sinks Made Simple: 5 Sink Consoles, Vessels, Basins & Bowls: [ Filed under Sinks & Basins or in the Fixtures category ]

When it comes to cool-looking sinks, simplicity is the key … too-complex designs may be stylish and contemporary, but trends change and in your bathroom or kitchen functionality is king and form comes second. Styles and fashions sink – timeless vessel designs float.

Simple, modern and deep, these sink and vessel designs from Cactus Designers and Vask√©o are not made to be bold but are nice, neat and clean … just like the water they hold, the idea here is not to go over the top.

This black, round, stand-alone vessel has some waves to give it rhythm and texture but is otherwise basically a deep and wide bowl that can be set on a bathroom counter or other surface. Compelling, yes, but not too complicated.

The same can be said for the simple undulating curves of this white river sink with basic silver fixtures, angled to let water flow from below the faucet to the other end of the white box that forms the shell of the complete console.

While sticking with round shapes makes cleaning easier, there is something to be said for the simple angled forms of elemental geometric shapes – particularly if it fits the surrounding interior decor and overall bathroom design scheme.

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