Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Impossible Wine Glass! 3 Clever Tableware Design Ideas

Impossible Wine Glass! 3 Clever Tableware Design Ideas: [ Filed under Tableware or in the Furnishings category ]


Meet Sebastian: most of his works are at least physically possible – objects for sale or at least ones you would want to buy if they were – but a few of his more ingenious concept designs defy the laws of physics, like the cut-in-pieces wine glass shown above.


Perfect for any pair of lovers (or at least good friends), this split cup-and-saucer design is a good excuse to get close to someone you care about – or perhaps get to know a stranger better at your local coffee shop.


Fruit bowls are typical centerpieces of many dining room tables, so why not cut or carve a bowl right into the wood of the table itself? Clever and simple, each of these ideas is at least inspiring if not downright practical or conventional. Sebastian has also created some curious works in the realm of fashion, including an all-zipper dress and a stuffed animal fur coat

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