Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Beds with Mattresses: 3 Bold Modern Platform Bed Designs

Beds with Mattresses: 3 Bold Modern Platform Bed Designs: [ Filed under Furniture or in the Beds category ]

You cannot have one without the other, so why not pick a combined mattress-and-bed design that makes a much bolder statement than either could hope to do on its own? Though the left image is a bit of photo-editing fancy the right image depicts a patchwork-quilt bed-plus-mattress set where the frame is virtually non-existent and the headboard is simply an curved extension of the mattress.

Lago is a company that is constantly pushing the boundaries of bedroom furniture design. Not your normal hideaway bed to be sure: the sleeping piece above is designed to let you hide yourself instead of the bed, selectively flipping up or down the soft sides for extra leg room or a more comfortable, cozy and enclosed feeling.

It looks like a simple, modern, metal-framed loft bed but fold up the corner at a critical built-in crease and there are a sequence of rather, um, adult scenes unfolding below (no pun intended).

Perhaps best known for their optical-illusion floating beds like the one in the picture above, it is nice to see a furniture producer venture a little further from the beaten path and explore themes that may or may not become trendy and popular, but will certainly get some attention.


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