Tuesday, 25 May 2010

High-Tech Mirror: Touch-Screen Panel MP3 Player & Radio

High-Tech Mirror: Touch-Screen Panel MP3 Player & Radio: [ Filed under Lights & Mirrors or in the Fixtures category ]

Like to sing in the shower? Hate it when the mirror gets fogged? Prefer to get your daily weather forecast up front before you even leave the bathroom? This interactive, all-in-one, fog-free panel design might just make your morning a bit brighter.

First the music: we are getting used to touch-screen solutions in cars, computer monitors and cell phones, but the bathroom is a new frontier – the mirror comes with a built-in FM tuner as well as flash drive and iPod-compatible ports to plug and play your own choice of tunes. Light-up LED controls in the lower corner let a user punch in commands before brushing or while shaving in the otherwise mirrored, modern, open-frame surface.

Meanwhile, a built-in light along the top lets you see what you are doing without bothering to add an additional water-resistant fixture – and, of course, there are the hidden electronics for defogging so you can see what you are doing as well as the control buttons. So you know how to dress and won’t be late for work, a mini time and temperature display are also present. Futuristic navigation for a bathroom mirror? Sure. But already being built by Roca.

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