Tuesday, 11 May 2010

‘Living Kitchen’ Wall Idea Uses Multi-Touch Nanotechnology

‘Living Kitchen’ Wall Idea Uses Multi-Touch Nanotechnology: [ Filed under New Materials or in the More category ]

Nanoscience is proceeding at an unnerving pace, revealing nanomaterials and nanoscience discoveries thought to be futuristic, far-fetched or even science fiction-worthy mere decades ago – but what about daily-life applications, turning these incredible innovations to the needs of an everyday home?

Michaël Harboun has conceived of a “Living Kitchen” that animates unlike even the most forward-thinking sci-fi film, using nanobots that can shape themselves along programmed paths to become dynamic kitchen fixtures that flex out and fold right back into the wall as needed.

First a faucet appears, followed by a sink with a basin that stretches as the water hits the surface, and completed by a drain that emerges below to return waste to the hidden recesses of this amazing nanowall.

It is a bit like a real-life touchscreen in three dimensions – perhaps the iPad and other computer technologies are merely the 2D precursors to this kind of interactive 3D design, which might become the single greatest space-saving gadgetry since the hide-a-bed.

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