Monday, 3 May 2010

Mini Spin Washer: Super-Small Wall-Hung Washing Machine

Mini Spin Washer: Super-Small Wall-Hung Washing Machine: [ Filed under Fixtures or in the Appliances category ]

With an ultra-tiny motor, this model washer may not have much clothing capacity but it is little enough to hang right on your wall – the ultimate space-saving appliance for when your cramped condo layout does not have a single inch of floor space left.

A circle of LED lights indicates the point of the cycle the washing machine is at (also acting as a low-level lighting element and ersatz time-keeper like a round wall clock) while a few simple buttons make it sleek while keeping it simple. The unit can be tucked into a nook or cranny, shoved into an existing cabinet spaces or perhaps hidden in the closet.

Small loads require less than a gallon, both because it is efficient and because, well, it does not have a great deal of space inside. Still, it beats carting your clothes to the local laundromat – particularly if you live in an NYC-style six-story walk-up. The product is still in the conceptual design phases, but hopefully they will be for sale soon so you can grab one right off the shelf at your corner store (via Electrolux).

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