Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Prefab Camo Cabin: Modern Mobile Metal-Clad Trailer Home

Prefab Camo Cabin: Modern Mobile Metal-Clad Trailer Home: [ Filed under Portable or in the Architecture category ]

If you saw it sitting in the landscape, you would be hard-pressed to guess that this metal, wood and glass house designed by the Hangar Group has hidden mobility – let alone that it was secretly prefabricated in a factory and shipped to its site.

Contemporary hybrid (zinc, steel and titanium) cladding is designed both to camouflage the home in a rocky-mountain environment but also serves to make the structure look more solid, robust and modern than you might expect from a trailer home. Vertical wood strips of siding at either end provide creative contrast – almost like the exposed rings of some giant metal log – and punctuate the entry points.

The story is much the same on the inside: synthetic stone-toned tiles and natural wooden flooring, walls and ceiling slats make it feel like a clean, compact and modern cabin. Minimalist fixtures and the copious use of room-warming wood are reminiscent of North European architecture built for cold climates – saunas and sweat lodges normally constructed to heat you up but not for nomadic living.

Other similar box-style portable housing units by the Hangar Design Group reflect similar sensibilities toward simplicity of space and elegant contrasts in terms of color, materiality, openness and privacy. Some are intended to be stand-alone nomadic structures, while others are envisioned as existing at the intersection of fully-mobile modern RVs and semi-permanent contemporary trailer parks.

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