Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Prefab Home Office Interior-plus-Furniture Pod Design Idea

Prefab Home Office Interior-plus-Furniture Pod Design Idea: [ Filed under Offices & Studies or in the Interiors category ]

We get the point: modular, convertible, transforming, hideaway, space-saving furniture is the way of the future, so what is there left to do? Prototypes for compact kitchens, combined living-and-dining rooms and home-office pods abound, but the next step is to create designs that do even more by truly sectioning off functional spaces from one another and becoming as mobile as possible.

Though still unbuilt, the LoftBox by Atelier Graff seems like a good candidate for this second-generation approach to versatile interior and furniture design. More than just another multi-functional home furnishing, this piece uses minimal materials to create a separate-feeling spatial zone – an area one can use for small meetings, a phone call, personal workspace or other ’space within a space’ needs.

When folded back up, it is as minimalist as can be – an unobtrusive-looking object that could be used as an ottoman or coffee table, left right out in the middle of a room without causing any visual or physical disturbances. In short: this idea appears to be on the right track, combining elements of creative modern functionality, basic luxury and the best space-saving office-in-a-box-concepts.


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