Friday, 25 June 2010

DIY Lightbulb Recycling is Cooler Than You Think

DIY Lightbulb Recycling is Cooler Than You Think: [ By Marc in Art & Design, Home & Garden. ]

When a lightbulb burns out, we rarely give it a second thought. Thank goodness some quality crafters have lent their imagination toward this fragile household item, intent on giving burnt out bulbs a second life as something very different, and aesthetically pleasing. Light up your house and defy expectations with these DIY uses for otherwise useless lightbulbs:

(Images via walyou, loganbibby)

Terrariums are often large and complicated affairs that take up a good amount of space that a lot of urban dwellers can’t afford. Enter the lightbulb terrarium, a quick and easy DIY project that lends a bit of nature to a bookshelf or table.

(Images via makezine, unplggd)

Anything worth making is worth making steampunk. A unique terrarium built into something much more complicated and beautiful, these setups are gorgeous examples of craftsmanship, culminating in the patent magnifying glass to get a close up view of your mini garden.

(Images via imzunnu, diylife)

Ships in a bottle are classic, but why not take it a step further and create a ship in a lightbulb? These examples epitomize a curveball in an otherwise cliche artform that’s both green and interesting.

(Images via craftbits, junkmail)

Lightbulbs are light enough to be easily hung and used as unique planters. By far the easiest DIY use of lightbulbs, it’s also one of the most stunning.

(Images via iconolith, craftycrafty, curbly)

While I’m naturally a bit wary of creating a kerosene lamp out of something so fragile (and with a curved base), less timid crafters have perfected a safe and gorgeous design for easy to make lightbulb lamps. There’s something wonderful about turning a symbol of the electric era into a throwback lamp with the same purpose, but in such a different fashion.

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