Thursday, 17 June 2010

Modern Highlights: Classic Interiors + Contemporary Colors

Plush pink pillows and a partially pink-painted wall on the one hand, straight lime-green shelving lines and table legs on the other – this may be a bit much for most tastes. Still, there is something to be said for the striking contrast between these brightly-colored surfaces and the white-painted walls rising up from likewise-white carpets.

Wide-open living, dining and kitchen areas feature this primarily pink-and-green theme, while a children’s room is highlighted with a bright yellow table, bench and bed set with a glowing blue-lit ring on one wall.

Maybe it is just another case of Italian design styles gone wild … though one could also argue it is the ultimate hybrid of kid-friendly livability and tone-down adult aesthetics.

Designed by (and for the family of) Simone Micheli, this set of interior spaces crosses conventional design boundaries – it mixes a playful color palette with minimalist forms, combining a touch of artistic whimsy with contemporary cool. And the best part: with the architect as the client, there is no one else to blame should the colors not come out quite right!

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