Monday, 26 July 2010

Luxury Yacht + Portable Pool = Safe Deep-Ocean Swimming

Luxury Yacht + Portable Pool = Safe Deep-Ocean Swimming: "

The wide-open oceans and seas of the world are a wonderful place to explore – from the comfort of a dry deck, at least. Some of us, though, are (justifiably) scared of swimming straight in these opaque bodies of water, always wondering what might be lurking below the surface.

This stylish yacht concept by Vuk Dragovic features a fold-out swimming pool with solid sides, floors and seating so you can relax right in the waters you are traveling through without the risk of taking a free swim with sharks or other unknown predators.

Of course, this would be a great adaptation for traditional houseboats as well, which are often limited in terms of their permanent ‘built’ footprint but could probably get around certain code issues by having a temporary pool.

The back and sides of the extending section slide out smoothly from the back of the boat, while flip-down panels fold into place. The folding action for the bottom part is essential to avoid conflict with the underwater motor, centered underneath the main hull of the yacht.

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