Thursday, 12 August 2010

Nesting Chef’s Knives: Scary-but-Clever Kitchen Cutlery Set

Nesting Chef’s Knives: Scary-but-Clever Kitchen Cutlery Set:

Sharp as a scalpel, smooth, sleek, slick, precise and compact … these sets have a deadly puzzle-piece efficiency about them that would be perfect for a chef, or perhaps a serial killer.

Nested one inside the next, the solid steel set from TableDirect contains a carving knife, chef’s knife, paring knife and filleting knife – each slotted within the others, and set inside of a likewise stainless steel rectangle that contains them all.

Aside from being cool and clever, they are also a space-saving alternative to a traditional wall-hanging set of kitchen knives – but for sale at nearly a thousand dollars, the cost of to cooks (amateur or professional) is not cheap in this case. Also, one unfortunate side-effect of the current design is that you have to house your classy new cutlery flat in a drawer or on a countertop (and had best be careful to pull them out one at a time).

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