Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Closet Home: A Compact, Remote-Controlled Dream Condo

Closet Home: A Compact, Remote-Controlled Dream Condo: [ Filed under Space-Saving or in the Interiors category ]

Imagine transforming your entire home at the touch of a button – turning a 44-square-meter space into a luxurious, ultra-modern, five-room super-condo. From hidden drop-down kitchen shelves and an automatic sliding living room/bedroom wall to multi-functional surfaces and subtle digital projectors, this is a realistic look at what saving space is all about.

Consexto is a Portuguese design firm that recognizes the square-footage limitations of living in cramped urban condos, but realizes the possibilities of making maximum use of every last inch of floor area. Be sure to view the video at the bottom – this is one of those design concepts one has to see in action to truly appreciate and understand.

A thin divider wall packed with storage and digital accessories moves to open up the bedroom while enclosing the living room on the opposite site – a give and take that reflects our rare use of two spaces at once, particularly as singles or couples in small-space apartments.

Compact closet organizers fold down and out from behind narrow doors, expanding into the room as needed then flipping back into place. Dishes and other kitchen accessories slide down from secret compartments, again via a simple digital control pad, then disappear again. A small dining table also folds open on demand below a built-in television screen – a small extension of the entertainment center.


  1. This is the house of tomorrow that is now being turned into reality. Everything is remote controlled operated from TV to garage doors roller shutters perth by a master remote.

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