Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Round Out: Curved Countertops Add Kitchen Surface Space

Round Out: Curved Countertops Add Kitchen Surface Space: [ Filed under Kitchens or in the Interiors category ]

Remodels can be costly, to say the least, not to mention intrusive and time-consuming. If the problem is a simple one – such as: not having enough area with which to prepare and cook food – sometimes the solution is just as straightforward.

While the first examples in this article are a bit more involved (and expensive), many of these would make good models – at least for inspiration purposes – in the case of existing kitchens that could use a bit of spicing up.

Snaidero is one of many manufacturers producing rounded counters, but their image collection helps illustrate the space-creating possibilities of curving surfaces out beyond the appliances, cabinets and shelves below them.

The obvious trade-off comes in the form of room to stand, but if square footage is less of a layout problem than working surfaces, this could be an exchange worth making and require less money than a whole-interior overhaul.

As a complimentary gesture, things like curved-glass shelving and curved-metal drawer handles can play off the curvilinear counter-top edges to make the newly-introduced element seem right at home within an existing kitchen plan.

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