Monday, 11 April 2011

Beware of Falling Books!? Shelved All-in-One Workstation

Beware of Falling Books!? Shelved All-in-One Workstation: [ Filed under Furniture & in the Desks category ]

The concept is neat – but unless you keep your books equally tidy they might come right down on your head while you sit, read and/or work. This may be a case where the bookcase (+ chair + desk) concept beats the built reality.

Spatially, the effect of this ‘Cabinet Chair’ from Ontwerpers is compelling – a streamlined shape that works as room divider and makes a small portable workstation fit for studio apartments and hotel lobbies alike.

A tilted keyboard platform and monitor-mounting surface is also a bit limiting – it does not exactly lend itself to various uses or comfortable long-term sitting or working, but perhaps that is not the point if these are made mainly to be arrayed in airport lounges or corporate hallways.

Bonus points, regardless, for there being an actual prototype showing it can be built and is stable despite its thin profile.

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