Monday, 11 April 2011

Dutch Accents: Tiny Condo Uses Curved Walls, Color & Light

Dutch Accents: Tiny Condo Uses Curved Walls, Color & Light: [ Filed under Interiors & in the Apartments category ]

There is only so much you can when there is little room for design, but this little apartment in the Netherlands by Maff goes a long way, with a sense of openness around every bend (and curve).

Straight lines can be great for expansive lots and Frank Lloyd Wright-esque horizontality, but when linear options are limited a curved surface can be the next best thing. In this case, the eye is drawn around the room, making it feel large – more spacious than it really is. Built-in furniture and furnishings help reduce the need to add beyond the core structure, leaving a bit more room to breath.

In addition to a small square-footage footprint, this all-in-one dwelling has to content with angled ceilings, painted white along with most of the walls to reflect light and pierced with as many skylight windows as possible.

Black floors and white walls are contrasted with a wrapping patch of orange, which reinforces the overall rounded effect of the room and draws attention to its closest approximate of a gathering space – a winding couch that hugs the bed and curls around a small dining table.

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