Thursday, 14 April 2011

Here Hooks: Simple Arrow-Shaped, Wall-Mounted Hangers

Here Hooks: Simple Arrow-Shaped, Wall-Mounted Hangers: [ Filed under Odds & Ends & in the Furnishings category ]

Communicating meaning or purpose in the most direct way possible is at the core of many a good design – objects this obvious are surprisingly (and unfortunately) elusive, showing how hard it can be to keep things simple.

The ‘Here Hook’ from Robert Shed Studio speak for themselves, using a few angles to form a familiar shape directing guests to drape their coats, scarves and hats along the wall on the way in.

One part of the arrow provides a mounting surface and structural stability while the other two prongs are both hangable points shooting off at two angels, but taken together they form a universal symbol that spans between languages and cultures. Simply put: clever. Another variant on the theme by Nick Leigh is shown above – even easier to install, though a bit more visually complex.

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