Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Polygonal Penthouse Tops Trans-Generational Townhouse

Polygonal Penthouse Tops Trans-Generational Townhouse: [ Filed under Architecture & in the Additions category ]

How do you put a penthouse for a grown child on top of their parent’s home? A strange situation called for something unique – an independent and differentiated addition that works both with and against the historic stone walls and foundation.

Grupo Aranea created a space for the client to call home, reaching out to surrounding views of southern Spanish landscapes, while providing privacy and connections to the old home below.

A series of cantilevers allow slices of light and air in along the edges, while folding wall-to-floor planes flip up for larger expanses and tuck back in to create nooks and crannies.

While the plans communicate the necessary information, and the three-dimensional model remains photo-realistic, the most convincing part of the project’s presentation are the study models and shadow-testing photographs showing the interplay of space, light and shadow.

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