Thursday, 14 April 2011

Semi Trucks Recycled into New Penthouse & Bay Windows

Semi Trucks Recycled into New Penthouse & Bay Windows: [ Filed under Green Homes & in the Architecture category ]

What happens when an artistic couple and an industrial-and-reuse-oriented architecture firm collide? Something like this: an otherwise-ordinary West Village townhouse turned into a light-filled live/work art studio … complete with pieces of old metal truck trailers protruding from the top and projecting out the front.

Lawrence and Alice Weiner wanted more room and daylight . Building codes lent a hand, allowing them to work with the architects of LOT-EK (famous for many offbeat refabs and a copious use of cargo containers) add another story to the top of their residence. The rigid structure of semi trailers makes sense for architectural use in general, while the linearity and consistent sizing lends itself to the sort of stacking used in this instance. Getting the notion of reused truck parts past the local heritage commission, though, sounds like it was a bit of a trick.

In the end, needs on all fronts were met. Grumbling neighbors gave in to the modifications, which are surprisingly subtle from a strict perspective of scale and fit to the neighborhood. The owners had more floor space and generous pop-outs in front, with a rooftop garden alongside two truck shells. And LOT-EK, as always, got to appropriate pieces of existing technology, trucking these parts to yet another destination.

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