Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Benched in Style: 3 Sporty Seats for Athletes & Soccer Fans

Benched in Style: 3 Sporty Seats for Athletes & Soccer Fans: [ Filed under Sets & Series & in the Furniture category ]

Architecture, art and fashion are often seen as being at odds with popular culture, epitomized by things like television, movies and organized sports. Still, fans of both the sublime and athletics may find some common ground in these designs, which draw on colors, forms and activities from on and off the playing field.

Starting with the more abstract, this hammock features sport-styled netting, plain straight forms and (of course) a bit of green. Not seeing subtle allusions to scoring nets and ball fields? Still think the sports comparison is a stretch? See this next idea from Emanuel Lemagini below:

Definitely made for soccer fans, these built-in-goalie-net chairs make for dangerous indoor or relaxed outdoor fun for a porch, patio or backyard – no mere watching for these avid watchers-turned-players.

Again, we have something that, independently, might have nothing to do with athletics, but does recall the coloration of a ping-ping (or table tennis, depending on your preference) table as well as its flexible fold-up nature. And the model is a hint too – not dressed in high style, but suited up instead in tight athletic clothing and hinting at a rather active lifestyle.

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