Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Bird’s Nest: Fantastic Treehouse Room in a Forest Hotel

The Bird’s Nest: Fantastic Treehouse Room in a Forest Hotel: [ Filed under Tree Houses & in the Architecture category ]

Remember the amazing floating mirror cube? This is the latest in that same collection, but talk about blending in – it looks like a giant bird nest, complete with a retractable staircase for privacy, security and visual completeness.

Inrednin Gsgruppen used a series of existing trees to support this new cylindrical structure. A healthy helping of fallen forest branches clouds the shape, though, making it appear amorphous and organic.

The sides are pierced with nearly-invisible portholes that allow views out but are obscured by the branch cover to anyone looking up from below (unlike the similarly-named Nest Rest).

So far, so good – the Tree Hotel has 5 rooms and counting … but the best is yet to come: they have another twenty planned for the coming years, so stay tuned.

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