Monday, 23 May 2011

Minimalist Dream House: Black, White & Awesome All Over

Minimalist Dream House: Black, White & Awesome All Over: [ Filed under Various Rooms & in the Interiors category ]

This house does not hold back, packed with strong lines and angles so sharp you could cut yourself just looking at them. Halos of light coupled with contrasting black-on-white accents combine with these stark geometric forms to shape inspiring spaces.

Sure you might see a splash of blue light hear, or a deviant hardwood floor there, but it all serves as contrast to the cool blacks, whites and marbled grays that permeate each room – even traditionally warm spaces like the master bath below.

The master bedroom is barely spared either with brown hardwoods below the bed and pillows, sheets and blankets that thankfully are not forced to march as rigidly as their surroundings.

Within the office, some exceptional curves again defy the rectilinear confines of the room while rhythmic wall-mounted shelves provide depth and visual interest.

Designed by the Russian firm Geometrix, it feels at once retro-futuristic and completely contemporary. While not the first (by far) to explore such geometric themes (you can guess where they got their name), there is a unity to this design lacking in many over-the-top interiors both new and old.

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