Thursday, 23 June 2011

Half Baked? Warehouse + Bakery = Huge New Family Home

Half Baked? Warehouse + Bakery = Huge New Family Home: [ Filed under Conversions & in the Architecture category ]

What could be cooler than a converted-warehouse home or a renovated-bakery residence? How about combining them both, with a skyway-style (but semi-enclosed) bridge spanning a new courtyard space built in between.

This project by JCB of Melbourne took two old structures (both slated for demolition) and tied them together, creating a sizable dwelling for a likewise-large family. Greenery and garden paths make additional visual and physical connections along the ground floor.

While some elements have been added, much of the original building fabric remains intact, particularly on the exterior – and additions (such as sun-sheltering black window boxes) stand out as intentionally different. Even the faded sign for the Golden Crust Bakery can be read along one outside wall.

Inside, the story is different – some double-height spaces still show off the (now white, repainted) beams of the original building, but much has been modernized for the comfort and style of the clients. Still, some of the neatest elements remain, including rough red brick both inside and out.

And some of the new features are at least fun, if slightly strange, like mixed red-and-mirror bathroom wall tiles and an interstitial space with green plant-themed wall finishes, offsetting the woods, whites, grays and blacks that define core spaces.

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