Monday, 20 June 2011

Interior Moss Tiles Help Grow the Vertical Garden Movement

Interior Moss Tiles Help Grow the Vertical Garden Movement: [ Filed under New Materials & in the More category ]

Commercial and institutional applications of climbing and clinging greens have been on the rise for a while, but residential (and particularly: interior) options are still evolving, albeit at an ever-faster rate.

These MOSStiles turn inside gardens in on their side, literally and otherwise, making ‘green’ as much a texture or finish as a living material, more like wallpaper or wall art than a potted plant.

The stabilized lichen lives off the moisture in the air, thus requiring little to no upkeep – pruning becomes a thing of the past and watering passe as well. Even naturally light is not necessary.

Squares, rectangles, circles – or the reverse of any such geometric shape – are all possible and simple, too, with various shades of green to match any interior color scheme.

So instead of a tough-to-maintain Bonzai tree on the one hand … or a set-and-forget cactus on the other … maybe tiles of moss will become the middle ground: vibrant and soft but easy to maintain, too.

Want more from your moss? In theory, it can span whole surfaces, too, acting as a combination accent wall and noise dampener to help soften or nullify sound between interior spaces.

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