Monday, 6 June 2011

Laundry Room Layouts: Cabinets, Storage & Shelf Systems

Laundry Room Layouts: Cabinets, Storage & Shelf Systems: [ Filed under Various Rooms & in the Interiors category ]

Quite possibly the least-addressed interior (but most in need of careful organization), laundry rooms have to meet many needs in often-small, secondary and sometimes-awkward areas of a home.

Laundry activities can, by necessity, be relegated to thin hallways, tiny landings or the extra square footage along one side of an attached (or detached) garage.

Meanwhile, washers and dryers (except some stackable ones) hardly lend themselves to space-saving strategies and compounding the problem.

Valcucine tries to approach the problem holistically, with custom ironing boards, fitted cupboards, integrated drawers, shelves and sliding panels that work with and around necessary appliances (including optional mobile laundry baskets located conveniently below each machine).

This series of general plans and layout ideas illustrating how one can maximize use of all available vertical wall surfaces from floor to ceiling.

The broad material palette used includes everything from painted steel and glass to unrolled wood, aluminum and acrylic resins.

And while their laundry-specific systems might win any awards, their similarly modern, minimalist and elegant dining room, kitchen and office accessories could.

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