Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Shower with Fishies: Built-In Tropical Bathroom Aquarium

Shower with Fishies: Built-In Tropical Bathroom Aquarium: [ Filed under Fixtures & in the Baths & Showers category ]

If you wish you could wake up every morning to a nice swim with tropical fish in the front yard, well, you have to own an oceanfront home to make that dream a reality … this built-in enclosure aquarium might be a close enough second for more ordinary houses.

Translucent glass gives you a window into a miniature underwater world to accompany your showering experience, letting in light and allowing views from inside while protecting privacy on the outside.

Embedded directly in the shower stall walls, it could be used for little land animals or other environments, landscapes or objects of design, but somehow fish do seem the most fitting. Design by Cesana

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