Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Shredded Documents + Molded Resin = Fossilized Furniture

Shredded Documents + Molded Resin = Fossilized Furniture: [ Filed under Recycled & in the Furniture category ]

Shredding is supposed to be a last step into an informational abyss, where secrets are buried forever and trash is recycled into new forms. Instead, this series of reconstituted-paper furniture sets these page shreds up on display.

Some of these Fossilized items by Jens Praet are made from white-page document sets while others come from a single magazine title with enough issues available from which to build a side table, bench, console or shelving unit.

Mixed with clear resign, the limited-run objects are made in a mold then finished by hand. As needed, they are then topped with additional transparent polycarbonate to add structural rigidity or create a flat surface for everyday use.

While the effect is neat regardless, it would be even more compelling were the magazines chosen visibly different in terms of the color spectrum – remixed together within single pieces, it is still impossible to tell the titles apart.

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