Friday, 15 July 2011

Brilliant Easy-Open Bottle Caps Need No Opener (Nor Twist)

Brilliant Easy-Open Bottle Caps Need No Opener (Nor Twist): [ Filed under More & in the Industrial Design category ]

Twist-off tops can hurt your hands and are more prone to leaks, while traditional tight-sealed ones can be a real pain if you do not have an opener handy (or know how to use a table or lighter in a pinch).

Designers like Gonglue Jiang suggest you spare your teeth and save some time by simply pulling up on a soda-can-like tab along the top, dispensing with that tedious twist (or pop) task that only grows more troublesome the more you drink.

Still, some may find this amazing (as this author did) while to others it might be old news – while they are absent (or at least incredibly rare) in the states, this sort of pull-tab opening system has started to be used in other parts of the world already in various forms.

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