Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sealander: Swimming Caravan Traverses Land & Water Alike

Sealander: Swimming Caravan Traverses Land & Water Alike: [ Filed under House Boats & in the Architecture category ]

A hybrid mobile trailer, mini-home and motorboat, this ingenious portable space has gotten off the ground quickly (and literally).

An integral waterproof chassis lets you roll the German-made Sealander right down into the water sans accessories; its bowl-shaped form makes it stable both overland on on the sea, suited for deep and shallow waterways alike.

Inside, modular pieces can be customized based on the needs of the user – tables and benches are adjustable and removable, for starters, also flipping down and up into various positions for multiple functions.

Meanwhile, while amenities and appliances are added and subtracted around them for cold food storage, warm food preparation, sleeping and so forth.

A low-emission electric outboard motor makes it suitable for largely unlicensed uses in lakes and streams.

Fold-down metal stairs make climbing on and off when it is dry-docked for use as a camper a simple matter as well.

Now if we could only make Airstream trailers actually fly, we could finally exhaust every last possibility for mobile homes.

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