Monday, 14 November 2011

Before & After Paint: 22 Home Furniture & Interior Photos

Before & After Paint: 22 Home Furniture & Interior Photos: [ Filed under More & in the Do-It-Yourself category ]

A little painting can go a long way toward transforming the look and feel of a space, so before you change the wallpaper or toss out your old furniture, consider some before-and-after project examples that show how a change in color can liven up a dull space or dampen an overly dramatic one.

ApartmentTherapy covers such projects regularly, but individually they are not quite as interesting – after all, a blue, red and white chair may just not be your thing. Taken together, though, they show just how much you can alter character and mood with a change in tone or brightness.

Bland bathrooms are just plain (and) uncomfortable – and too much white (or pastel) can kill an entry or living space. Highlights on the backs of wall bookshelves or free-standing bookcases can also help add dimension to a space by providing creative contrast.

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