Monday, 28 November 2011

Easy Drink: 45-Degree Plastic Bottle Cranes Neck for Refills

Easy Drink: 45-Degree Plastic Bottle Cranes Neck for Refills: [ Filed under More & in the Industrial Design category ]

Some sinks and water fountains just are not shaped right for refilling portable receptacles, making it hart to fill at all in some cases and, in others, impossible to top things off to go.

This author, at least, has at times bent and crumpled bottles in an effort to get them as full as possible – after all, when you are traveling, you never know when your next opportunity to reload on free liquids will come. So, kudos to Hsu Hsiang-Min, Liu Nai-Wen & Chen Yu-Hsin for tackling this minor but persistent problem.

Tilt it the right way and it may make for an easier way to consume your beverage as well. Still, aside from reminding one just a little of a hamster bottle, there is a more serious catch: blow-molding relies on symmetrical shapes, so production of this prototype could prove difficult in actual reality. Perhaps a stainless steel model would be both easier to make and more sustainable.

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