Monday, 21 November 2011

Embedded Seeds + Used Chopsticks Grow Climbing Plants

Embedded Seeds + Used Chopsticks Grow Climbing Plants: [ Filed under Tableware & in the Furnishings category ]

Aside from being a great green concept, it is always impressive to see such ideas tested and implemented in physical reality – even if, for other reasons, they may remain forever prototypes.

The design revolves around a hard starch capsule set on the end of a chopstick, which, after a meal, is stuck into the ground, slowly breaks down in the turn and releases a seed that, finally, sprouts slowly into a chopstick-climbing plant.

Its creator, Gyeongwan Koo, researched starch thoroughly for this project and concluded that if it could be used for toothpicks and hard pill casings it would work for this application as well.

Still, one thing is a bit puzzling: why not put the capsule portion on the back end, rather than having the user actually pick up food with it?

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