Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Gift Couture: Kick Start Some Themed Wrapping Paper Sets

Gift Couture: Kick Start Some Themed Wrapping Paper Sets: [ Filed under More & in the Industrial Design category ]

Anyone trying to raise money for a Kickstarter project knows that it is critical to make a good (or funny!) first impression, with, say, a bold cheeseburger-style set of wrapping papers for instance.

From its creators: “We created this project to launch Gift Couture, a creative and innovative wrapping paper company. Gift Couture will offer high-quality wrapping paper sets that feature original photography and design. Our main goal is to produce unique papers that coordinate together into conceptualized themes and sets.”

Hence, of course, this first series of five papers covering top and bottom buns, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes so your under-the-tree stack this year can make a mouth-watering statement.

With three weeks to go, these New York designers are already past their target fundraising goal needed to print 1,000 sheets of each design – lucky supporters will get free copies and some will get a cute (or is it straight-up kitsch?) little golden hamburger trophy, too.

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