Saturday, 26 May 2012

Outlined by Design: Bathroom Fixtures Mix Form & Function

Outlined by Design: Bathroom Fixtures Mix Form & Function: [ Filed under Interiors & in the Bathrooms category ]

There is a raw beauty in the shape of certain household objects often masked in modern design – these objects, by contrast, show off both their outside lines and internal workings.

From Althea Ceramica: “Outline is an impassioned tribute to the style and the spirit of the 60’s. Forms never before seen, unusual, characterized by an “emptying” of volumes which gives life to a design, or better a concept, from which spring interesting aspects regarding living the bathroom environment and its protagonists.”

But there are practical underpinnings of this broader aesthetic approach as well: “The operations of installation, maintenance and cleaning, are simplified, and the completely glazed surfaces reduce the porosity of the ceramics to zero, guaranteeing a greater hygiene.”

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