Thursday, 31 May 2012

Small Space Furniture Piece is a Tiny Multipurpose Solution

Small Space Furniture Piece is a Tiny Multipurpose Solution:

Space is at a premium these days, particularly if you live in an in-demand city where housing is outrageously expensive. The Sweet Talk and Dream is a tiny piece of furniture that will fit in just about any living space and does the work of several large pieces.

Designed by Matali Crasset for Italian furniture company Campeggi, it is a dinette set, with two soft cushion seats and a small table. It is a lounge area with a single seat (or backrest) and room to stretch out.

It can also be used to seat several people when fully unfolded. Remove the table from the middle of the piece and use it to support a radio or small TV for entertainment.

When all the guests are gone and your eyelids are getting heavy, simply move the table to the side and the Sweet Talk and Dreams becomes a bed. Perhaps not the most plush or comfortable bed in the world, but it’s a place to lie your head while you dream of saving up enough money for an apartment with bedrooms.

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