Sunday, 19 August 2012

Compact Modular Kitchen-in-a-Box Has it All, Including Sink

Compact Modular Kitchen-in-a-Box Has it All, Including Sink:

If making the most out of small spaces is an art, meet two of the most impressions modern masters: Maria Lobisch and Andreas Näther.

The Justin Case is a contemporary response to an age-old problem of compact living, particularly when it comes to all of the bits, pieces and moving parts that go into making a space to cook, eat and clean.

Constructed of steel, wood and synthetic webbing, this space-saving wonder has a more-spacious sidekick that can be used for eating and food storage as needed.

Per DesignBoom, “the unit affords many possible configurations and features a belt system which holds the design together. The prototype is divided into two halves, one equipped with sink, drying rack, shelving system, while the other serves as a dining table for four. The separation of the box halves allows for greater efficiencies in different tasks. each is arranged so that when collapsed, the essential elements are still accessible.”

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