Sunday, 19 August 2012

Globus: World-Dominating Work Station for Evil Masterminds

Globus: World-Dominating Work Station for Evil Masterminds:

It looks a bit like something out of an old mid-century James Bond movie – a white sphere that unfolds into an on-demand work station, perhaps manned by minions or even their overlord.

The Globus by Artfiort collapses into a minimalist ball on steel supports, then extends and flips to reveal a comfortably encompassing leather seat and work surface (as well as vertical or horizontal screen for looking and touching).

One could also imagine using it as a single-person gaming or television-viewing station, or something deployed in institutional (say, museum) spaces and cycling through educational programs. Really, with all the time we spend at computers, might as well have a custom-built way to spend it – perhaps the two support bars could be built into cement or otherwise-stable floors to save even more space.

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