Saturday, 29 December 2012

Rock Solid: Sleek Furniture Resembles Random Stone Piles

Rock Solid: Sleek Furniture Resembles Random Stone Piles:

Furniture, we tend to think, is perfect and very carefully designed. How would it feel, then, to have furniture in your home that seems to be a random pile of objects? Designer/artist Robert Stadler created a series he calls Possible Furniture, in which carefully designed furniture pieces appear to be randomly thrown together.

Taken at face value, the tables and benches seem to be very tenuously balanced stacks of objects. Upholstered components mingle with lacquered components in a kind of messy, unstable heap that seems ready to topple at any moment.

Look a bit closer, however, and you’ll notice that the objects are actually quite stable. Stadler designed them with ergonomics and ease of use in mind, but thanks to his cleverly light touch it almost seems that the furnishings were formed naturally.

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